A lot of different technologies must come together to deliver a modern software solution. The following is just the short list.

Tools for Application Development


Apple’s development tools are the best way to create software for OS X and iOS. The GNU compiler supports C, Objective C and C++ and is also useful for open source projects. Plus it is a free download from the Mac App Store!


The Apple Developer Connection is where to go if you need to develop for Apple hardware and get your Apps on the App Store.

Mac OS X Server

OS X Server. Now running on Mountain Lion. The easy to administer open standards based server that runs on OS X.

Tools For Building Websites


An open source content management system suitable for building community websites.


The open source language powering Drupal and generating dynamic content on the server.

Ruby On Rails

An open source web framework that is optimized for programmer happiness.


An open source SQL database called from PHP to store content.


The web server running the Drupal website.