Barry Wilson, CEO

Opportune Apps, Inc. is a Beaverton, Oregon (Portland) based company dedicated to designing and engineering great mobile applications for OS X and iOS (Macintosh, iPhone, iPod, and iPad). It was founded by Barry Scott Wilson (initially doing business as forgotten software), and then incorporated in 2012.

It is a simple fact that modern Apps require the network or the Cloud to realize their full potential. Because of this Apps need to be designed with social networking, communications and data in the Cloud in mind. Apps may seem to be a simple download, but this is true of only the most trivial of games. Most Apps usually have several versions, a web based component and in some cases a desktop version for the power user. This is something I know a lot about.

Opportune Apps, Inc.

As a company we can draw on diverse talent both in-house and from other Portland area developers.

See what technologies we use daily*. But we can and will adapt whatever technologies you already have in place.

Opportune Apps can help with the alphabet soup of standards. XML, HTML, C++, Java, CSS, RSS, EPS, PDF, DNS, DHCP, 802.11g, WiFi, PHP, CGI, ASP, VPN, GIF, PNG, JPEG, RTF. The list goes on.

Just say in plain english (ò español) what you want to accomplish, how much you are willing to spend. We can plan your project. We can research any problem. We’ll do it under your budget constraints or we’ll tell you why it can’t be done. And if it’s something we can’t handle but someone else can then we’ll help you find them, free of charge.

Which Way?

Which way?

Choose the right direction for your next project. Every task is important to us no matter how small, because we know it is important to you.