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This privacy policy governs your use of the software application Unleashed (hereinafter the “App”) which runs on iOS devices and was created by Barry Wilson for Opportune Apps, Inc. (“us”, “we”, or “our”) The App is distributed on Apple’s App Store.

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iPhone Sync Think Backup

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the only way to sync and backup my iDevice was to iTunes. However nowadays a new user may not even be aware of iTunes backup or even have access to a computer for that matter. Instead you are encouraged to signup for iCloud and backup to iCloud. If you just got your first iDevice or are not a heavy user this works wonderfully. But for some of us, there are still some things to consider about backing up our iDevices.

Walmart Family Mobile

Was messing around with some old iPhone 4s and Walmart Family Mobile since my parents wanted the phones and wanted the cheapest phone bill they could get. First of all you need to be prepared to cut a SIM down to micro size since so far Walmart Family Mobile is supplying SIMs in only the large size. Cutting them can be done with scissors or an exacto knife and there are plenty of instructional sites and videos out there that will show you what to do. But there are some cheap devices (imagine a ticket puncher) which will punch a micro SIM out for you so if you can borrow one or don’t mind splurging ten dollars I’d recommend that. After getting the SIM activated you want to make sure you can actually use the “unlimited texts and unlimited data” that they advertise. Walmart Family Mobile runs on T-Mobile’s network so don’t expect 3G speeds until and if T-Mobile changes their 3G spectrum. But you can still use Edge. A good many internet postings deal with getting data and MMS messaging set up correctly on “other” phones not officially supported by Walmart Family Mobile. This is a summary of what I found.

How many rings does it take?

How many rings does it take to get to the juicy voicemail prompt on my iPhone?

Finally found out how to set the delay before calls go to voicemail. AT&T Customer Service had no idea when I called a few weeks back but a random guy with the handle dmapr - a Cell guru - on their web based support forum knew the answer.