Reed Hastings versus Steve Jobs

Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view. -Obi-Wan Kenobi

Recently I received a letter from Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, telling my why he raised prices on my service and why he was making changes that would make Netflix less convenient for me to use.

UPDATE: Of course Netflix back pedaled on this whole thing. They had to do this considering the huge backlash from thousands of people and bloggers. But as of this update I still think that Reed doesn’t understand his business that well, and I’d be happy to try out the first competitor that comes along that does what Netflix can do. Certainly the streaming has been full of buffer under-runs of late and all the DVDs on my queue are marked as “Long Wait”. This is not a good user experience. It is just the only thing reasonably close to what people want.

FURTHER UPDATE: While I complain that Reed doesn’t understand his customer or business model I have to admit the guy is thinking straight when it comes to networking and net neutrality. He understands who the bad guys are. See All Things D.

Metro and Windows 8

I took some time to look at the videos of Metro/Windows 8 and also download the Developer Preview. Plenty of information is already available at the MSDN website. Probably the best of the presentations is the one given by Jensen Harris - 8 traits of great Metro style apps. Taking these 8 great traits point by point I’d like to give you my impressions as a long time iOS and Mac developer.

Apple's iPhone 3Gs

My last iPhone post I said video and voice dialing were the only things missing from the iPhone. Well iPhone OS 3.0 and the 3Gs hardware are here and not only have those features been added, but a compass as well which perfectly rounds out the GPS function to allow driving assistance to truly work.

Apple's iPhone OS 2.0

iPhone Well one year into the iPhone era. Millions have been sold and now the next generation is cheaper and better. The issues that enterprises were unhappy about seem to have evaporated in this new version of the phone. Software developers finally have an API that can be used to write more than a simple widget and a store to sell and download their applications into people’s phones. GPS has been added.

Apple's iPhone

Well it was almost two years ago I wrote about waiting for the Apple phone right here. Now it’s announced, and the furor has subsided, so let’s see how good my predictions were.

Mighty Mouse vs. the KVM

I finally got a Mighty Mouse today. That alone would not be a good enough reason to blog a review since I’m sure there are plenty of people writing about it already. But it happened to coincide with my purchase of a MiniView™ Micro USB PLUS KVM Switch by IOGEAR.

Mighty Mouse