Playing Catchup

The media is already churning out the same old spin about Apple. Over at CNET we see that apparently Apple is playing catch up. When it comes to the iPhone “the company hasn’t dramatically changed the device’s basic design and functionality over the years.” It really makes me wonder if these writers really are masochistic and enjoy being wrong all the time. And how do they keep their jobs? Or maybe they have done their job by creating “click bait” that attracted me and others.

iPhone 5 Predictions (And Reality)

Just thought I’d record my predictions for the iPhone 5 before it is announced and see how close I can get. Essentially a lot of this is already known from leaked parts. I’m under NDA regarding iOS 6 but I might guess at features that I have not seen. I’ve updated this with comments about what actually was announced.

CrossWorld by Melondrop LLC

Today a new App that I co-wrote was released to the App Store. It is CrossWorld, also available to try in a free version. This is just the beginning of the educational games I hope to be creating for Melondrop LLC.

Apple UUIDs

Yesterdays news was that Antisec hacking group had somehow gotten 12 million Apple UUIDs from the laptop of an FBI agent. Today the FBI denied such a hack occurred and Apple denied ever supplying the FBI with any user’s UUIDs. What strikes me as most interesting is another post on The Next Web allowing you to check if your UUID is in the list of hacked UUIDs. The whole thing begins to seem like a social engineering hack. If I wanted to get a few hundred or million UUIDs very quickly along with a lot of information about the device’s owner what better way than to have them enter it on an insecure web page under the guise of checking to see if it has been hacked?

BluStreak Premaster

Be sure to check out the latest software for authoring Blu-ray DVDs over at BluStreak and Rivergate Software.