This was posted at Engadget. Oh I already have an iPod. In fact it is a 5Gb; the very first model. I quickly found out that I couldn’t fit my entire CD library on there so I developed my playlists and swapped music continuously. Now with smart playlists I don’t even think about it too much any more, I don’t really need another iPod until this one dies.

But I hate my cell phone. I have hated my current cell phone since I found out that it’s Bluetooth implementation only went far enough to let me use a wireless earpiece. I hated my older cell phones for lack of Bluetooth, lack of any decent connection to my Macintosh. I loved my old Handspring device, but I got tired of carrying it and a cell phone. I got tired of looking up numbers on it that should already be on my phone. Nowadays I could get a Treo phone and Handspring has become PalmOne. But I already gave up on Palm Desktop software and have no interest in going back.

Then there is the typical cell phone’s interface. which is to say they are nothing but typical. While it seems like the world has standardized on Talk and End buttons for calling, from that point on everything is up for grabs. And every phone I’ve used has at least one annoying quirk, if not several.

Finally my cell phone company is Sprint and almost everybody I know and talk to daily is on Sprint so I’d like to keep talking to them for free, or at least inexpensively.

So if Apple wants to make an iPod phone I am all for it. Because if they do I can be certain of several things.

  • It will have Bluetooth or at the very least synchronize flawlessly with the Macintosh.
  • The iPod Photo version will probably have a nice camera too.
  • It will be great for playing music and likely have the widest choice of ring tones ever seen.
  • It will be popular enough that I will probably see a Sprint version.
  • It will have the first truly simple and friendly cell phone interface.
  • I and millions of other people will buy one.

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  • anon

    Not much has changed since I first wrote this, that is. But I stand by what I wrote and if recent patent filings by Apple mean anything, I’d say the iPod phone is not too far off.

    Sep 21, 2006
  • anon

    Reviewing this again 4 years later I have to admit I am one of the few writers that was spot-on about what Apple would create. I cheated and didn’t try to predict the hardware. Of the features I did predict the two things I was wrong about were the Sprint version and the ring tones. And the ring tones came later. This week the iPhone was said to have 50% of the U.S. smartphone market. With that, I’d say that the days of being exclusive to AT&T are coming to an end soon too.

    May 02, 2010

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