OK, OK. So not everything is working right yet. The drupal cron job is running so some feeds are starting to show up. I plan to add more and plenty of links to helpful websites. (I certainly have browsed a few of those trying to get drupal to work.) One big problem which has been there since the beginning is that transparent PNG files just don’t work on Windows Explorer. My apologies. A fix exists and I’ll try to get it implemented soon. But I have to admit that being primarily interested in the Macintosh and having been to enough Windows-only websites, I just ain’t in that big a hurry. Leading to the next big thing: Explorer for the Macintosh - or as I like to call it “Exploder”. Basically the CSS on this site fails miserably on my copy of Explorer. So if you aren’t running Safari by now…

Sendmail is running so creating accounts should work. Of course the only reason to do this is for the forums and to get your own blog. The forums aren’t set up yet. If anybody has any topics they want to see just drop me a line.

rant, technology

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  • anon

    A lot of the problems got fixed but now that I have moved my site and reimplemented the CSS some of the problems may reappear. Sorry. It will get straightened out one of these days.

    Sep 21, 2006

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