What does today’s big announcement by Apple of software that will dual boot an Intel Macintosh mean? After all if I buy a Mac I want to run Mac OS X all the time. I regularly use Windows XP from my Macintosh and I do it using a program from Microsoft called Remote Desktop Connection. About the only thing I might prefer over having the ability to remotely access a Windows XP machine and its screen, would be to run Windows virtually. By Virtually I mean to run Windows software from within Mac OS X. Nonetheless this announcement is important for two big reasons.

The first reason is games. Games typically need to run close to the hardware in the environment for which they were written. Many students and gamers choose Windows machines because they want to run popular game titles. To these people a computer is really a game machine with benefits. Many of them will be happy to have both worlds running on their fancy new computer which tastefully matches their iPods.

The second reason is that there are still many organizations where running Windows is a requirement for purchasing a computer. Now people working at these places will be able to purchase the computer they want and still meet the requirements of their employer.

So it is a win for Apple but they have made it clear that they will not sell or support the Windows operating system.

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