Every once in a while I change the technology I use to publish on my website. Sometimes it is a big change such as when I first migrated to Drupal. Other times it is something smaller. And a couple of times I’ve experimented with posting from blogging software. Today I’m trying out Blogsy from my iPad. I first purchased and downloaded Blogsy some time ago. But this site wasn’t configured for external blogging. And it was getting late. I work a lot and somehow it got moved to the back burner where it stayed until now. In the meantime different pieces fell together. I enabled the external blogging APIs in Drupal. I set it up for Metaweblog format though I may come to regret that later. Another thing that needed to happen was to get my Drupal passwords over to the iPad which happened when I finally got 1Password installed and all synchronized. The end result is today I can post from my iPad from places I would not normally think of blogging. Of course for this technical blog I expect to keep doing a lot of posting on my Mac using Safari as often the information I am writing about is waiting right there to copy and paste. But this will be a real boon to my personal blogging on my “other” site.

Update: September 2015

I have stopped using Blogsy but through no fault of the App. It just turns out I would rather not maintain and leave enabled all the extra Drupal code and at the same time I am perfectly happy with Drupal’s interface. If I posted to several different types of blogs I think I would use Blogsy to give myself a consistent blogging interface. But I do all my writing here so I have that anyway.


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